Central Issues Related to Mix Feeding

Mix feeding is an important way to gurantee the nutrition need of newly born baby. However, there are some problems to be solobed in the procedure of mix feeding. For a variety of reasons, the mother needs to feed the newborn baby in a mixed way in order to meet the needs of baby's growth. However, in the process of mixed feeding, the mother will often have some problems and confusions because of a variety of reasons.What is Popular Now? Surly cheap mbt shoes !

How to judge a deficiency of breast milk? General, when the baby has nursed at his mother`s two breasts respectively for 5 minutes, 80%of the milk has been sucked, and nearly 90% for about 10 minutes. If he is full, he will suck for a while longer to be satistied. When he got everything he wanted, baby would loose the nipple and sleep quietly or play for a while. The whole process takes 15 to 20 minutes. Many mothers are doubtful of the adequacy of their breast milk. In fact, survey shows only 5% of mothers don`t sufficient breast milk. Inadequacy of breast milk manifests on two indicators: First, the baby`s urine is few and thick, and is less 6 times a day. Second, monthly weight gain, is undesirable, a baby with 6 months, which is less than 500 gram.mbt shoes Most Optimum Buys in August

How can you go through the "temporary breastfeeding crisis"? 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 months after delivery, the mother who had enough milk feels her milk suddenly reduced and no sense of expansion in the breast. About half an hour after feeding the baby, the baby starts crying wanting to be fed. Baby`s weight gain is not obvious. There are four reasons behind it: firstly, the amount the baby needs increase along with his weight; secondly, the mother is over-exhausted or nervous; thirdly, the times of feeding decreased or the baby doesn`t feed enough every time; fourth, either the mother or the baby is ill or the mother is undergoing period. In order to pass this time smoothly, here are several suggestions for you: first, the mother should enssure sufficient sleep, reduce stress and anxiety and keep a relaxed and enjoyable mood. Appropriately increase in the number of breast-feeding, the more sucking times, the more milk secrete. Each side of each breast to be sucked at least 10 minutes, both sides of the breast should be sucking and emptying, which is not only beneficial to secrete milk, but also beneficial for the baby to suck the milk with high fat. If baby is sick and can't suck for a while, you should get the milk out and feed him by cups and spoons. If mom is sick, the milk should be vaccmed in the frequency of baby eating to gurantee the breast feeding after heal.4 Things You Have to Appreciate About cheap mbt shoes

If breast milk isn`t sufficient, you can add some amount of formula as supplement. There are two ways of supplement: one is replenish formula after feeding the baby with breast milk. The other is breast-bottle-feeding which means to replace once or several times of mother`s milk with some formula milk or some other milk products. Generally speaking, such a method is not suggested if the mother don`t work, because such a method will reduce the secretion of milk. How does mixed feeding matain the secretion of breast milk? First, recommend the "On behalf of the delegate method", breast feed first and then add other dairy products, especially insist breast feeding at night. Ensure that your baby sucking the breast over 8 times a day and suck to the full every time. In addition, mother should keep your baby company as and often cuddle baby. You should reduce promptly the amount and frequency of formula-feeding when mother`s milk is increased.

Would be suitable to add how much of the formula milk after breast milk? The principle of mixed feeding is to start of adding a small quantity of formula milk, for example once 30 ml, then watch baby`s reaction. If the baby does not sleep or wake up less than 1 hour after eating, open mouth to find the nipple or even cries, which shows that he is not full and you should add a certain amount such as 50-60 ml a time. Is it viable to suck the mother`s milk out and blend it with formula milk to feed the baby? Such a way is not advisable. Firstly, the sucking of the baby is much better than manual sucking in promoting the secretion of mother`s milk. Next, if the water used to dissolve formula is too hot, the temperature will destroy immune substance in the breast milk; third, in doing so, you can hardly handle the amount of formula added in. At last, breast milk feeding can not only provide the other nutrition and immuse substances which can't be done by other products, the direct contact of skin between mother and baby can satisfy the baby in pshychology. This is good for the building up of mother and child relationship.


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