The Luxury Car of German Benz

Among the European top 100 enterprises, Mercedes-Benz ranks in the fourth place. In biggest car industry company in globe, Mercedes company only inferior GM of America, Fort and ToYOTA of Japan, is placed on forth. We could see the Mercedes-Benz has a great influence and enjoys high status in the global car industry from the above figures, especially it still maintains a strong vitality in over a hundred years of wind and rain, which is amazed.Choose Fairest mbt shoes for Marketing Managers

In recent years, due to the recession, many other big car companies suffered losses. Choose Most Gorgeous mbt shoes for Yourself! And some of the big companies have to make alliances and mergers in order to survive in the market. The Mercedes-Benz is not only profitable, the stability of earnings is also higher, thus avoided mergers, and maintained the independence as the world's first brand of Mercedes-Benz. It's not quite easy to achieve this. Besides its appeal as a world famous brand, its real trump is its high quality quarantee. High quality is the key of success, which is a commitment of Mercedes-Benz in the last one hundred years, which is also the real meaning of the shining triangle stars. Nowadays, The Benz car has been the symbol of high quality, high level and high status. Not only has it been the essential props of celebrities, but also Benz has even regarded as the standard vehicle for diplomacy in many countries. Benz has become the true famous brand. The total assets of the company exceed $50 billion, and the annual net profit reaches $1.2 billion. Having employees of about 400,000, the company produces nearly 1 million cars a year. Among these cars, the saloon cars are allowed to be produced only 550,000 cars, this is for the sake of keeping high quality and that a thing is valued in proportion to its rarity.

Headquartering in Stuttgart, large-scale and complete reception facilities have been constructed there. The fewer but better Benz car has always been short of demand, therefore, it usually takes a few months after ordering a car. The buyer will go to the reception center of Benz in batches after receiving the delivery notice. Here, they are served as GOD, including the lodging hospitality and a group of several people. And it have special miss reception, conduct and visit ,it first look the videotape of company ,and then look at every course of the car assemble .

There is no identical car in the assembly line. To satisfy customers' every demand is always the standard of Mercedes-Benz. After the sale of the first car, it`ll be filed. Therefore, after the perchase, it has been the member of the Benz family and receive its considerate full-service. There are 1,700 service stations in western Germany, and more than 50,000 people are going into the maintenance work on the road. There is a Mercedes-Benz maintenance station every 25km. You only pay your attention to driving, once breakdown, the maintenance personnel will come to help in less than half an hour after you make a 24 hours service call.


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