Demonstrations Held In Cities To Call On Copenhagen Climate Summit Progress

Thousands of demonstrators crowed the streets in Copenhagen Denmark on 12 to call on actions to protect the earth from the whole world and make a congress on the UN Climate Change Conference.10 Reasons for You to Pick cheap mbt shoes

Copenhagen was the main stage for demonstrators. Agence France Presse reported that 515 groups from 67 countries worked jointly and on that day 60 to 80 thousand demonstrators gathered in the streets of Copenhagen. They have scheduled start from Danish Parliament building at 14:00 to Christiansborg Palace through the Copenhagen city and eventually arrived at Bella Exhibition Center near climate conference venue. It lasts for about 6 km. Meanwhile some non-governmental organizations of environmental protection organized more than 3000 candlelight parades on December 11 and 12 to show their support for island countries which are directly threatened by the warming climate.Women in Toronto all Like to Wear mbt shoes sale

Before the demonstration happened, the Denish police has regardes the situation as very grave. According to the police information, some altra-left organization has call to demonstrate in Copenhagen through the internet. The police is worried that these person will flare into violence. By description of AFP reporter, armed police cars and dog groups were scattered in Copenhagen streets, and police helicopter flew over in the sky.How Can You Not Mind Remarkable cheap mbt shoes

A geographer from America told journalist, [Here seems like a battle field with so many policemen around."

Besides Copenhagen in some cities belonging to earlier time zones in Asia-Pacific area, protestors took actions first on December 12. About 5 million people have participate in the "Anti-global Warming Parade" in the major cities like Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. In Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, over 150 demonstrators pitched camps before Embassy of US in Indonesia, demanding America should reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and support the efforts made by developed countries. In Tokyo Japan, some demonstrators played Yukio Hatoyama and Barack Obama, standing beside [a polar bear" to urge the two countries which has huge emission to take actions.

In December 12, UN Climate Conference (was helding in Copenhagen of Demark) held additional meetings with the participated countries. 500 members from 70 countries and organizations, as well as 60,000 local environmentalists gathered in Bella Center in Copenhagen to demonstrate.

On the way to Bella Center in the captical of Denmark, people can see a large windmill power generation outside the center. As the host country of the UN Climate Change Conference, Denmark not only continue to its highly efficient and innovative energy-saving initiatives, but also convey the importance of curbing climate change to its people and the world through a variety of ways. Around the New King Square in the Copenhagen downtown, there placed over 10 colorful earth model, which always remind people that the resources on the earth is precious and the harmony for earth is important, also the climate problem is alarning.

On the square, a picture exhibition of "One Hundred Memorable Places in the World" was also being held. Each of the huge colorful pictures which showed the beautiful earth and harmonious ecology attracted lots of people to enjoy. Two tourists from Hamburger Germany are attracted to a photograph about polar glacier and polar bears. They hope that years later polar bears can still have places to inhabit, which needs the whole world to work together in confronting the climate change. Now, a big Christmas tree full of lights has been put up in the square. According to the sponsor, this tree will become the energy star and the organizers will invite the people of Denmark to ride a bike for Christmas tree lights on the power. There has been less bustling in the cold winter compared with other seasons, but is can not cover the enthusiasm of Denmark people to welcome the openning of climate conference.

Danish female teacher Desiree Lei Ke Ke Bomu told reporter that this is a very important meeting to address climate change which relating to all countries. We should negotiate and come up with a viable option. Bjorn Hummock, a shop assistant, said that he saw Climate Change Conference to be held in Denmark on news. Although he did not know it is possible to reach an agreement, he hoped that countries could make efforts to reach an agreement, and earnestly fulfilled their respective responsibilities


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