Calcium Replenish Aptly Can Take Precautions Against Fattiness Efficaciously

A new research from US finds that proper calcium and vitamin D supplements prevent middle-aged and old women from becoming obese and improve their living qualities. The researcher said that their conclusion was drown according to the constant investigation and analysis made to 30,000 women in America for about 7 years.How to Put on like Scarlett Johansson in mbt shoes sale

The researchers altogether selected more than 36,000 feminine volunteers aged between 50 and 79 who had or had never supplemented calcium and the Vitamin D and divided them into two groups stochastically. The Ultimate Tips to cheap mbt shoes Sales One group supplements 1000ml calcium and 400 international units of vitamin D everyday, while the other group is the contrasting group with a placebo. And the reserchers tested their weight and took note of it every year, and it continued for about seven years. Removing other influencing factors, the result of research shows that the women who supplement calcium and vitamin D according to standard every day is lighter than those who don't supplement. For those middle-aged and old women who have never supplied calcium and vitamin D previously, the effect was more pronounced.

The researchers said that maintaining a normal body weight is very important for the middle and old women's health, especially for the menopausal women. Women should supplement calcium and vitamin D properly more in menopause.

It is point out that calcium and vitamin D promote attenuation of fat cells and prevent growth of new fat cells, so they effectively control the weight. However, researchers also emphasized that if the middle-aged and the old women want to keep normal weight and avoid being fat, it's important to control daily calorie intaking and do necessary exercise often.


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