Beauty Lasts By Seven Correct Refining of Makeup

Apart from the accumulation of each carefully described detail, the beauty of makeup is also based on the later maintenance, which is of great importance, too. It's often be seen that many people took much time to makeup, but several hours later, the make-up completely disfigured due to the oil secreting. The next steps involve how to refine your make-up properly, which can last your beauty.cheap mbt shoes , The Best Valentine's Day Giveaways for Beauty

First, you should wrap sponges with tissues to press where oil secretes on face. What Victoria Beckham Wearing? ! Of course, the whole packages of oil-absorbing tissues on the current market are convenient, but they will also easily remove the moisture on face as well; while, wrapping sponges with tissues can be more in line with the contours of face, and will leave no concerns about the shortage of water after oil-absorbing.

Second, to clear the halo-opened eye liner. You should hold a swab to clear the inter-halo-opened eye liner in a rolling way.

03 Hide dark pouches. Clean the agglomerate powder below the eye with sponge, then conceal with concealer.

Fourth, blocking of facial defect. Liquid concealer on facial defect maybe already drop off with secretion of skin grease, then we need to cover the defect again.

Step 5, dip in pressed powder. Use powder to do the makeup when you're out because it's easy to carry. Dip the powder lightly with a little corner of the powder puff and pay attention not to dip too many to avoid an overdone makeup.

Sixth, to press powder foundation. Gently press the pressed powder in the triangle below eyes and T-zone and use it flexibly in other parts, which is the trick of perfect makeup-refining. You can make the thin-looking base by just sweeping the remaining powder.

Seventh, Complexion {P17}>


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